Giving Tuesday

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Dear The Walk friends and families,
Your donations over the last several months have gone towards bringing hope to our community in so many ways. Your gifts brought smiles to the faces of 216 teenagers as chocolate bunnies were tossed to them in their front yards from our car. Your gifts provided 200 bags of food for families in our community. Your gifts went to maintenance and renovations of Building 229 that is so ready to be filled with the laughter of students again. And with each donation, our ministry has seen God's provision and given us the ability to keep loving our students and our community in this time. Today is Giving Tuesday and we recognize that nothing we do would be possible without you and your generosity. So as we're preparing for a comeback and what God has planned next, we're asking that you would consider giving to our ministry and our mission today. You can give online at
We are so excited to see what God wants to do next in this community, and we are grateful for your support in every season. Thank you so much! Chris, Amy, and Lauren
The Walk Youth Group
Building 229