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The Walk Holiday Newsletter

December 2022

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember I am with you always, to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19-20

At the end of each year, as we reflect back on all the incredible and often unfathomable ways that God has moved, we always find ourselves unable to express anything other than overwhelming gratitude. This year we saw God move through our teenagers by the river in New Orleans, in the parks of New York City, kneeling on the sidewalks of San Francisco, and listening to the people in their own schools, neighborhoods, and city. We saw them pursue hope and community on Sunday afternoons and Monday and Wednesday nights. We saw them dig deeper into who God is at the Passion Conference and at Bigstuf Camp. We watched in awe as God showed up in all of these places, in all of these moments, in all of these teenagers.

We believe that students need three things to help maintain their faith: Jesus, a community of believers, and a purpose.

Jesus! We believe that we all have sinned, and we are all in need of a Savior. We believe that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. It’s all about Him! We teach from the Bible in everything that we do.

Community. We do our best to create a community for our students where they feel known and loved through all of our trips, events and Bible studies, and outreach.

Purpose. Sharing the good news of the gospel isn’t simply a suggestion. It’s a command that Jesus set out for us: to be the catalyst for eternal heart change in our neighbors and throughout the world as we share God’s Word with others.

Mission trips through the years:

15 New Orleans mission trips

2 Atlanta mission trips

2 San Francisco mission trips

2 NYC-Brooklyn mission trips

1 Kentucky mission trip

3 Haiti mission trips

25 mission trips in 17 years of ministry

This Fall:

97 new first-time visitors

151 regular attendees

275 total students (counting everyone once) attended youth events

13 students baptized

Your students and the teenagers in Thomas County are bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to a weary world. In their backyards and in cities across the country. And we wish you all could see first-hand the way people's eyes light up when a teenager stops on the streets to speak to them. The sound of laughter echoing through Building 229 on Sunday afternoons. The way they lead and the way they love. But know that all of it, every minute of joy, every life changed, is because of you. We see God move in our students in ways only God can move because of the opportunities you have given them.

This holiday season, please consider continuing to give teenagers in our community a world of possibilities that they use to make their world a little better. We hope you'll continue in helping us share in this joy of serving the teenagers in our community. It is our honor and privilege to love these students, but we need your help to maintain this mission. Your donation not only supports our short-term needs (mission trips, Bigstuf camp, D-Now weekend, youth Sundays and weekly bible studies, local Sunday morning relational outreach, and Building 229 expenses) but also helps us financially make this mission possible for the next generation.

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support (spiritual, monetary, and time) that you have given our ministry so graciously. We could not do this without you. God has used our ministry and continues to use it for His Glory and we are in awe of how He provides through each of you to help us make it all possible. We wish we could tell you the stories behind each teenager, each salvation, each life that God is changing, but know that God has used so many of you to make an eternal impact and we are so grateful that so many of you have trusted Him to do so with what He has given you.

“In New York City, one of our students asked me if I thought she had a gift. So, we started talking about her experiences and what she’d learned. That week, we’d met and prayed with Alec Baldwin, so I mentioned that as a highlight, one of those stories you’ll remember forever. And she looked at me, and said, “That was pretty great, but I really liked meeting all of those people.” To my amazement, this young student began listing the names of every person she’d met on the streets and in the parks of New York City. All of the faces, the conversations, the prayers. She had answered her own question. Her love and compassion for others is a gift from the Lord. One mission trip experience opened the door for her to realize that meeting the needs of others and sharing Christ with others is something she is gifted at and something she loves." -Lauren

If you feel led to give, you can give online through, mail a check to Building 229 (229 Clark Road, Thomasville, GA 31757) payable to 1NeedNow, or Venmo us at oneneednow.