The Woman at the Well

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Sunday morning Thomasville outreach story from Lauren: “Joy and I took a group of teenagers to two different apartment complexes in town. As we began to leave our last location, we saw a woman running from her porch trying to flag us down. We pulled over and realized it was Ms. T, one of the women we have met and prayed for several times during outreach. She and her friend came running towards us. Ms. T said, “We were just sitting on the porch and when I saw the big white van drive by I knew it was you. I said, those are my praying people and I know they are out looking for me.” Her friend quickly chimed in and said “I’m also in need of some prayer. Can we please pray?” Ms. T wanted us to pray for deliverance over her struggles with alcohol and her friend wanted us to pray for her because she recently lost her sister and misses her so much. During the prayer they both began to weep. It was obvious their hearts were hungry for a comfort that can only come from Jesus. Reuniting with Ms. T was such an encouraging moment. It reminded me of the story of the woman at the well (John 4). The woman at the well was so burdened with guilt and shame that she avoided interacting with others. Despite knowing that this woman was living in sin, Jesus chose to show her compassion. He addressed the sin her life but gave her a hope that she did not have to live in that way any longer. He was there to offer her living water. The woman at the well was no longer bound by her guilt and shame. Her hunger for Jesus far outweighed the guilt and shame she once felt. I don’t know if the woman at the well ever ran into Jesus again, but I can’t help but think she would have jumped off her porch and flagged him down just as Ms. T did. And while we couldn’t offer Mrs. T living water, we could point her towards the one who can give it to her and his name is Jesus. My prayer for Ms. T, her friend, and each of us is that we can all come to a place where we realize the only thing that will ever fully satisfy us is Jesus.”


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