Weekend Mission Trip to Atlanta (11-2019)

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We took 8 of our teenagers on a trip to Atlanta last weekend. On Saturday, we found a small park near the Ferris Wheel where lots of homeless live during the day. We prayed for homeless people in the park and the surrounding area for a couple of hours. Here is one of the stories that Lauren shared with us that we would like to share with you: We met a homeless woman named Kathy sitting in the park. We went and sat with her and gave her a rose and bandana. She stared at the Rose and went on and on about how beautiful it was. She said “you saw me and you gave this to me. I can’t believe you saw me and gave this to me.” Come to find out she was from South Georgia and she couldn’t believe she was sitting with some fellow southerners. She told us to always remember that God is watching over us. That he sees us and he loves us just like he sees and loves her. She asked that we would pray for her memory and that God would help her remember the things she needed to remember. She also asked that we pray for her children. One of her children had passed away and she did not have contact with the other, but she still wanted prayer for them. Before we left she said “you saw me and gave me a rose. Remember that Jesus sees you just like you saw me.” It was obvious that Kathy was struggling with her memory, but there was no doubt that in that moment she knew that she was seen and loved by her creator.
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