God’s Grace in the Streets of New Orleans

Written by a student: “New Orleans summer mission trip story 2021: Today we met Leon. Leon was an older man, born and raised in New Orleans. He told us he had not talked to his family in the city in 20 years. We prayed for him. He told us that he grew up Baptist. I asked him after the prayer why he had not seen his family. He said that 20 years ago that the FBI had investigated the murder of his niece. He had been investigated and evidence showed he did not do it. He cried as he told us...

13th Annual New Orleans mission trip (July 1st-6th 2022)

13th Annual New Orleans mission trip July 1st (Friday) - 6th (Wednesday) RSVP: starting November 7th Costs: $350 due May 15th Grades 7th-12th

New Orleans Mission Trip 2020

We had an incredible trip to New Orleans this past week! While this week looked much different from the mission trips of the past, the word that kept coming up throughout the trip was obedience. We wanted people to know that they are loved, they are seen, and they are known, and we did not want difficult circumstances to dictate whether or not we chose to help people. In a time of paralyzing uncertainty, God still whispered “trust me” and by trusting Him, we learned this week that while...

Great Summer Activities (Bigstuf, New Orleans mission trip, local relational outreach, and middle school lock-in)

We had another great summer! We had 114 (117 total) students attend Bigstuf, 40 (48 total) students attend the mission trip to New Orleans and 59 students attend our middle school lock-in last week at Building 229. We also did bi-weekly relational outreach with small groups in Thomasville and Tallahassee. We would like to thank all our volunteers that helped make all these events possible!

Collecting sport chairs for the homeless in New Orleans through July 3rd

Last year we distributed over 100 sport chairs to the homeless in New Orleans! We would like to distribute twice that number this year! We leave for our 10th Annual Mission Trip to New Orleans on July 3rd. Walmart has these type of chairs from $8 to $10 dollars. Academy Sports has these chairs online for $6 dollars as well. If your family would like to donate some chairs, you can drop them off at Building 229 (game room entrance) anytime before July 3rd. You can also buy them online and have...

10th Annual New Orleans Mission Trip

When: July 3rd-8th 2019 Where: New Orleans RSVP: January 15th or sooner Costs: $250 (1NeedNow, Inc.) Payment due: April 1st