New Orleans Mission Trip 2020

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We had an incredible trip to New Orleans this past week! While this week looked much different from the mission trips of the past, the word that kept coming up throughout the trip was obedience. We wanted people to know that they are loved, they are seen, and they are known, and we did not want difficult circumstances to dictate whether or not we chose to help people. In a time of paralyzing uncertainty, God still whispered “trust me” and by trusting Him, we learned this week that while masks and social distancing are effective and cautious signs of respect, they are not barriers to loving the people in front of us. Changing the way we did things did not change the incredible privilege of serving the people of New Orleans. We thank God for keeping us safe and for loving us enough to give us the opportunity to love the people of this city once again. We thank God for our students who bravely trusted Him to do the impossible through them. God used them to bring hope and light not only to the people of New Orleans but to one another in these times as well. Community and laughter among our students was so important this trip after the solitude of these last few months. We thank our leaders for spending time pouring into the lives of our teenagers and for putting aside their own fears to step back to watch them lead. We thank all of the friends and families who prayed for us, and those who gave to make this trip possible. And we thank the parents who entrusted us with their amazing teenagers. Your students went out and loved fearlessly and courageously. They took the love of God into the streets and under the bridges, and we were reminded over and over that God is good no matter the circumstances. The people we met blessed us just as much as we blessed them, and there is no greater joy than reminding people that they are known and loved in a time when many people’s situations seem hopeless. God uses unprecedented circumstances to do undeniable miracles. We are always thankful for all of you and all that you do. To God be the glory! Chris, Amy, and Lauren


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