New Orleans Mission Trip Story 2022

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One of our students wrote this essay for a class assignment: During the summer of 2022, I went on my second mission trip to New Orleans. On one of our last days there, I felt sick and didn’t want to go out that day. With the group, it wasn't possible for one of the leaders to stay at the house with me, so I had to go anyway. The next day was July 4th and there's always a big festival on that day. It is held at the same church every year and is a place for homeless people to go for food, worship, manicures, haircuts, feet washing, prayer, and just a celebration of Independence Day. I did manicures and even though I wasn’t good at painting nails, the faces on the people after seeing them were priceless. They were so happy to have their hands cleaned and nails painted no matter how it looked. Later that day, I was walking around outside, and I saw a man sitting under a tree reading. I was deciding if I should approach him because although I love to help everyone, I still have to be careful. I decided against going up to him but as I got closer, I recognized his face. It was one of the men I had talked to under the bridges a few days before and he was reading the Bible I had given him. Still feeling discouraged from being sick the day before, it was cool to see that what I’m doing really is making an impact on people and it's not all for nothing.

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