Los Angeles Mission Trip Summary 2024

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who prayed for and encouraged us during our first mission trip to Los Angeles last week. This was our 30th mission trip in 19 years of ministry. We are grateful for the God-given opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to serve alongside the staff and volunteers at Serve LA. They have an incredible heart and vision for “seeing the unseen,” a motto they frequently use. We loved hearing them say to the guests we served,...

Los Angeles Mission Trip 2024

We are excited to begin our mission trip to Los Angeles! Please join us in praying for the hearts of the people in Los Angeles as well as the members of our team. We look forward to sharing stories of what the Lord does this week.

Sunday Morning Relational Outreach in Thomasville

We love Sunday morning relational outreach! Would you like to join us?

San Francisco Mission Trip Story - Spring Break

Today, I was outside the rescue mission and met a man named Ron. Originally from South Carolina, Ron had moved to San Francisco in the 60s because he believed he would be more accepted there. We had an engaging conversation for almost an hour about his adventures around the world. Ron had traveled extensively and had a wealth of unique life experiences. Although he didn’t delve into specifics, he mentioned that he had once been wealthy but made some poor choices that led him to struggle...

San Francisco Mission Trip Summary - Spring Break

On our mission trip to San Francisco over spring break, we encountered stories that echoed the compassion and grace of Jesus. From the streets of the Tenderloin to conversations with individuals like L.L. and Ron, we saw reflections of people whom Jesus might have met and ministered to in the Bible. Just as Jesus showed love and forgiveness to the woman at the well and countless others, we shared moments of hope and acceptance with those we met. No one is beyond God’s love and forgiveness,...

3rd Annual Mission Trip to San Francisco - Spring Break

We are excited to begin our third annual mission trip to San Francisco! Please join us in praying for the hearts of the people in San Francisco as well as the members of our team. We look forward to sharing stories of what the Lord does this week.

2023 NYC mission trip story

2023 NYC mission trip story: What we did today? We went to this super awesome church and worshipped. Then we went and got Starbucks! We also all got beanies and saw protesters. My favorite part of the day was praying for Will. He is a homeless man that loves to read. He also said that he was in a rock ‘n’ roll band. I gave him a Life book and he told us about him and his girlfriend. He also told us about how he grew up and what his life was like as a kid. He said that he went to Sunday...

New Orleans mission trip story 2023

New Orleans mission trip story 2023: At Feed the Multitudes this year, I was really reminded of the importance of ministry. In past years I was extremely work focused and I was consistently running to do this and that but this year I was able to sit with multiple families and individual people and just talk and pray with them. And outta that I was able to see so much joy and appreciation for the simple fact of being listened to and heard. While the work aspect is greatly needed so is the...

13 Salvations at D-Now Weekend

We are overjoyed to announce that thirteen of our students accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior at D-Now last weekend!

Why'd God Have You Here This Weekend?

Why’d God have you here this weekend? I think it was to make me realize I need to start trying to live the gospel and not to just try to memorize it. - written by a student that attended Discipleship Weekend with us.

D-Now Weekend 2024

We express our gratitude to everyone for your prayers, love, and support during D-Now weekend. Immense thanks to our army of volunteers—this wouldn't have been possible without you. Heartfelt appreciation! Special acknowledgment to all our students for making this weekend truly memorable. Witnessing your prayers, worship, and community building was amazing. It warmed our hearts to see our students sharing the love of Jesus and praying for strangers all over our city streets. Your boldness...

Random Acts of Kindness

Today we were so busy at the store because we had a major sale going on. I was feeling a little disheveled and a little bummed about a couple of other things. Next thing I know this massive group of beautiful young people walk in. They were being led by Kimberly, Joy, and our precious Regan! This group presented me with a wonderful card, signed by each of them, some beautiful flowers, and the most eloquent, heartfelt and perfectly timed prayer! I was so touched, and so blessed by them for...