NYC mission trip story 2023

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NYC mission trip story 2023: This morning God laid it on Chris’ heart to remind our group of the two greatest commandments, “love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul, and strength” and “love your neighbor as yourself”. We began our days journey by rushing through the subway. We were in a hurry and running behind. As we rushed through the subway we passed a man who was standing with his bible sharing the gospel. We immediately turned back around and stood and listened to him preach. Suddenly others started joining us and listening to what he was saying. He began to share the two greatest commandments and everyone in our group looked around at one another. The man was literally preaching the same message that a Chris had shared during our morning devotion. We felt as if it were such a confirmation from God that we were exactly where we needed to be, we only needed to slow down and remember His presence. The man led us and those standing around in a prayer and then grabbed his coat to hop on subway to head to work. We were all humbled watching this man knowing that he woke up early enough to stand in the subway station to share the gospel before heading to work. Who knows the eternal impact this man is having simply by willing to be bold in his faith and carving out time to share with others the truth of who Jesus is. My prayer is that we can be more like this man. That we can be so captivated by his love that we will go to great lengths to share with others who Jesus is. - Lauren


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