Random Acts of Kindness

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Today we were so busy at the store because we had a major sale going on. I was feeling a little disheveled and a little bummed about a couple of other things. Next thing I know this massive group of beautiful young people walk in. They were being led by Kimberly, Joy, and our precious Regan!

This group presented me with a wonderful card, signed by each of them, some beautiful flowers, and the most eloquent, heartfelt and perfectly timed prayer! I was so touched, and so blessed by them for this random act of kindness that they were giving during their community service time during DNOW.

I was so moved by their prayer and return prayed for them. (While tears streamed) We are so lucky to have so many wonderful churches, and Christian organizations that are constantly touching the lives of others. I know I’m a little biased but I’m so thankful to live in Thomasville. - April


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