Our Students Choose to Emulate Their Families by Engaging in Acts of Service

We appreciate it when our students choose to emulate their families by engaging in acts of service. One of our dedicated parent volunteers, Alaina, along with her husband Matthew, served diligently with their youth group during their high school years in the NYC area (as shown in the attached old picture) back in 2001, just a month before the tragic events of 9/11. We are filled with joy to see that their children, Johnny, Alyssa, and Michelle, have now accompanied us on multiple mission...

Grateful for the Opportunity to Serve in NYC-Brooklyn 2023

We're grateful for the opportunity to serve during our fall break in NYC last week. A big thank you to everyone who supported us through prayers and donations! We shared the message of Jesus at various locations like Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Times Square, Central Park, the Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Square Park, and wherever God led us. Our teenagers fearlessly spread the good news and prayed for strangers, while our students confidently expressed their beliefs. They...

3rd Annual NYC-Brooklyn Mission Trip

We are excited to begin our third annual mission trip to NYC-Brooklyn NY! Please join us in praying for the hearts of the people in NYC-Brooklyn as well as the members of our team. We look forward to sharing stories of what the Lord does this week. The Walk Youth Group Building 229 oneneednow.com Thomas County area ministry

NYC Mission Trip Story 2021

One of our students wrote this essay for a class assignment: My very first mission trip was to New York City in the summer of 2021. I had never been on a trip like this before, so I had no idea what to expect. Getting there I had already felt discouraged after having to go through the busy subway with ten people's suitcases and bags. We went to the house and all of us were exhausted. We had so many things packed into the next ten days, and I didn’t think I could do it. Starting out the...

High School Lock-in - September 2023

Our first High School lock-in at Building 229 went really well!

High School Small Groups in August

We had a wonderful turnout for our high school small groups in August!

San Francisco Mission Trip Story

We would like to extend our gratitude to all those who generously contribute to the Walk Youth Group. This was written by Lauren Strickland: “We had an incredible week in San Francisco over spring break. We would like to thank everyone for making trips like this possible. Several of the students who attended this trip asked Jesus into their hearts earlier this year. It is so encouraging to watch their faith deepen as they share about Jesus and pray for others for the first time. As we got...

High School Small Groups Kickoff - 74 high school students attended

We had a great turnout at our High School Small Groups Kick-off Wednesday night at Building 229.

4th Annual Middle School Lock-in - 67 students attended

We would like to thank all of our parents for sharing their wonderful students with us this weekend at our 4th Annual Middle School Lock-in! We would like to thank our parent volunteer Alaina Bradshaw for all of her help! We are very grateful for all our student leaders that led small groups, worship time, games and helped us with setting and cleaning up. Finally we would like to thank all our students for the joy they provided. We would not have been able to have this event without the help...

Youth Group Kick-off Success - 145 Students Attended

We'd like to express our gratitude to all the amazing students who joined us at our youth kickoff on Sunday. Our 18th year of ministry in Thomas County began with resounding success. We'd also like to thank everyone for their continual support, prayers, and love. We look forward to another incredible year of ministry! Chris, Amy and Lauren The Walk Youth Group Building 229 oneneednow.com Thomas County area ministry

Bigstuf 2023 Youth Story

Bigstuf 2023: Why did God bring me to camp this week? I feel like God brought me back to camp to lean back into him. For about 3 to 4 months, I was falling astray from him. I wasn’t going to youth or church. I was not digging into scripture like I previously did. And a lot of that had to do with my community and not allowing myself to accept the forgiveness that God gives me. So overall, I believe God brought me here to lean into him and ask for and accept forgiveness! When I go back home,...

Thank You for Supporting Our Mission Trip to New Orleans 07-2023

We are grateful for the generous support we received for our New Orleans mission trip! The camping chairs, socks, velvet flowers, and mission trip donations made a huge difference in blessing those in need. Thank you to everyone who contributed! Chris, Amy and Lauren The Walk Youth Group Building 229 oneneednow.com Thomas County area ministry