12 Students Accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior

We are overjoyed to announce that ten of our students accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior at BigStuf!

Happy 4th of July

Students celebrating the 4th of July in New Orleans.

13th Annual New Orleans Mission Trip

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, blessings and support! Chris, Amy and Lauren

Student sharing the love of Jesus with others in NYC

We encourage our teenagers to look for opportunities to show the love of Jesus to others in their everyday lives. We were encouraged to hear this story from one of our students. The Walk Youth Group oneneednow.com Building 229 Thomas County area ministry

The Woman at the Well

Sunday morning Thomasville outreach story from Lauren: “Joy and I took a group of teenagers to two different apartment complexes in town. As we began to leave our last location, we saw a woman running from her porch trying to flag us down. We pulled over and realized it was Ms. T, one of the women we have met and prayed for several times during outreach. She and her friend came running towards us. Ms. T said, “We were just sitting on the porch and when I saw the big white van drive by I...

God Has a Plan

Written by a student: “NYC mission trip story: While we were picking up trash in a Manhattan neighborhood, Chris saw a woman smoking a cigarette on the steps of a hotel across the street. We decided to walk across the street and asked her how her day was going. She almost immediately started crying as she told us about her daughter’s sickness. She told us that her daughter has had an issue with swallowing food and drink since she was 15 years old; She is now 18. She was scheduled to have...

Sometimes God’s Direction Isn’t What We Think

NYC Mission Trip from Ellie: “This past week, we took 10 students from ages 12 to 16 up to New York for a mission trip. We stayed in Living Waters Church in Brooklyn, New York. For our first day of mission work, we wrote verses of love on slips of paper and walked around placing them on cars or handing them to people. Of course, we wanted to do outreach, so we split into two groups and had lots of encounters. We noticed there was a huge language barrier in the areas where we were, but that...

God’s Grace in the Streets of New Orleans

Written by a student: “New Orleans summer mission trip story 2021: Today we met Leon. Leon was an older man, born and raised in New Orleans. He told us he had not talked to his family in the city in 20 years. We prayed for him. He told us that he grew up Baptist. I asked him after the prayer why he had not seen his family. He said that 20 years ago that the FBI had investigated the murder of his niece. He had been investigated and evidence showed he did not do it. He cried as he told us...

How God Used a Family in NYC to Lead Us to SF

“The story of how we found San Francisco has God’s faithfulness written all over it. We had a dream of doing missions in Los Angeles this summer; however, God continued to close that door. We decided to take a mission trip to NYC instead. While we were in NYC, Chris struck up a conversation with a family from Tennessee. We were amazed that this family had so many connections to our lives. The father graduated from Lipscomb University the same year that Chris did, one of the daughters...

Sometimes God Uses a Teenager and a Box of Cookies

Written by a student: “Street ministry in San Francisco (Fall Break 2021). We were doing street ministry and walking down the sidewalk and there was this lady who was lying on the sidewalk. Everybody else just walked past her and I thought she was sleeping. I stopped and put a box of cookies next to her. She instantly started crying and asked, “why did you give me this?” I told her that I gave her the box to show her God’s love and that He cared about her. She started to cry even...

11th Annual “The Walk’s” Youth Retreat and Lock-In (January 14th-16th 2022)

11th Annual “The Walk’s” Youth Retreat and Lock-In January 14th (Friday) - 16th (Sunday) - MLK Weekend RSVP: starting December 5th Costs: $50 due December 5th Grades 6th-12th

6th Annual Passion in Atlanta (January 2nd-4th 2022)

6th Annual Passion in Atlanta January 2nd (Sunday) - 4th (Tuesday) RSVP: Now Costs: $125 due October 31st High school seniors and college students