New Orleans mission trip story 2023

New Orleans mission trip story 2023: At Feed the Multitudes this year, I was really reminded of the importance of ministry. In past years I was extremely work focused and I was consistently running to do this and that but this year I was able to sit with multiple families and individual people and just talk and pray with them. And outta that I was able to see so much joy and appreciation for the simple fact of being listened to and heard. While the work aspect is greatly needed so is the...

13 Salvations at D-Now Weekend

We are overjoyed to announce that thirteen of our students accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior at D-Now last weekend!

Why'd God Have You Here This Weekend?

Why’d God have you here this weekend? I think it was to make me realize I need to start trying to live the gospel and not to just try to memorize it. - written by a student that attended Discipleship Weekend with us.

D-Now Weekend 2024

We express our gratitude to everyone for your prayers, love, and support during D-Now weekend. Immense thanks to our army of volunteers—this wouldn't have been possible without you. Heartfelt appreciation! Special acknowledgment to all our students for making this weekend truly memorable. Witnessing your prayers, worship, and community building was amazing. It warmed our hearts to see our students sharing the love of Jesus and praying for strangers all over our city streets. Your boldness...

Random Acts of Kindness

Today we were so busy at the store because we had a major sale going on. I was feeling a little disheveled and a little bummed about a couple of other things. Next thing I know this massive group of beautiful young people walk in. They were being led by Kimberly, Joy, and our precious Regan! This group presented me with a wonderful card, signed by each of them, some beautiful flowers, and the most eloquent, heartfelt and perfectly timed prayer! I was so touched, and so blessed by them for...

Our Students Are Such A Blessing!

We feel incredibly blessed to have students always willing to assist us. We dedicated several hours to prepare for the D-Now weekend. The Walk Youth Group Building 229 Thomas County area ministry

Passion 2024 Atlanta

We love Passion! High School Seniors The Walk Youth Group Building 229

NYC mission trip story 2023

NYC mission trip story 2023: This morning God laid it on Chris’ heart to remind our group of the two greatest commandments, “love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul, and strength” and “love your neighbor as yourself”. We began our days journey by rushing through the subway. We were in a hurry and running behind. As we rushed through the subway we passed a man who was standing with his bible sharing the gospel. We immediately turned back around and stood and listened to him...

The Walk Holiday Newsletter 2023

The Walk Holiday Newsletter 2023 As the year concludes, we gratefully reflect on the ways God has touched our community. Our teenagers experienced divine moments in various locations, from the river in New Orleans to New York City parks and the sidewalks of San Francisco. Whether on Sunday afternoons, Monday or Wednesday nights, or at events like Bigstuf and mission trips to other states, our students sought a deeper understanding and a personal relationship with God. In quiet...

Bigstuf 2023 Youth Story

I am building my house on sand. I’m not satisfied with the house I am building. My house is a house that seems like it’s always under construction. Last year BigStuf was the prime of my life. I felt close to God and I was genuinely happy. After school started, I was so caught up in homework and sports. I never took the time out of my day to regain my connection that I used to have. I’m still super happy. Currently, I surrounded myself with people who better me. But even though I’m...

Thomas County Thanksgiving Outreach

We're very thankful to everyone who helped us distribute meals in our community this Thanksgiving. Thanks to those who prepared the meals, and to Project Backyard for organizing the event. It was a great opportunity to unite people from different denominations in the name of Jesus, spreading joy in our community through a simple meal. Thank you again to all those who served! The Walk Youth Group Building 229 Thomas County area ministry

New Orleans Mission Trip Story 2022

One of our students wrote this essay for a class assignment: During the summer of 2022, I went on my second mission trip to New Orleans. On one of our last days there, I felt sick and didn’t want to go out that day. With the group, it wasn't possible for one of the leaders to stay at the house with me, so I had to go anyway. The next day was July 4th and there's always a big festival on that day. It is held at the same church every year and is a place for homeless people to go for food,...