1st Annual San Francisco mission trip (October 9th-16th 2021)

1st Annual San Francisco mission trip October 9th (Friday) - 16th (Saturday) Grades 6th-12th - invite only

2nd Annual New York City and Brooklyn NY mission trip (April 1st-9th 2022)

2nd Annual New York City and Brooklyn NY mission trip April 1st (Friday) - 9th (Saturday) Costs: to be determined Grades 6th-12th - invite only

13th Annual New Orleans mission trip (July 1st-6th 2022)

13th Annual New Orleans mission trip July 1st (Friday) - 6th (Wednesday) RSVP: starting November 7th Costs: $350 due May 15th Grades 7th-12th

16th Annual Bigstuf - Panama City Beach (June 9th-13th 2022)

16th Annual Bigstuf - Panama City Beach June 9th (Thursday) - 13th (Monday) RSVP: starting October 10th Costs: $450 $150 due October 10th $150 due January 30th $150 due April 10th Grades 6th-12th

11th Annual New Orleans Mission Trip - July 1st-6th

Would you like to join us this summer for our 11th Annual New Orleans mission trip July 1st-6th? 30 people have signed up with only 10 spots left! This trip is for 7th-12th grade students who attend youth events regularly. The cost is $325 (due April 4th). If you would like a spot, please text Chris and he will add you to our list. Thanks! Chris, Amy and Lauren The Walk Youth Group oneneednow.com Building 229

The Comparison Trap - Sunday's lesson

The lesson at youth on Sunday was the called “The Comparison Trap”. The speaker asked “Is there anyone you secretly enjoy seeing fall? What can you do to extend that person grace?” In small groups after the lesson, one of our teenagers shared this: “Sometimes I feel that way when I see people that cheat get caught and get in trouble. It never feels good when you try hard and someone else doesn't and cheats and they do better than you. Sometimes it feels good when they get called...

Sunday Morning Outreach Story 10-2020

Sunday morning outreach (written by Lauren Strickland): Today Chris and I took a group to do outreach in the community. We had plans on going to one neighborhood, but God had other plans. We wound up driving around and stopping to talk to people sitting on their porches. We talked to several people on their porches and had just hopped back in the van to head to a different area when Chris and I saw a woman walking down the sidewalk. We pulled over and got out to introduce ourselves. The...

Two Students accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior on Sunday

We are overjoyed to announce that two of our students accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior at youth on Sunday! Chris, Amy & Lauren The Walk Youth Group Building 229

New Orleans Mission Trip 2020

We had an incredible trip to New Orleans this past week! While this week looked much different from the mission trips of the past, the word that kept coming up throughout the trip was obedience. We wanted people to know that they are loved, they are seen, and they are known, and we did not want difficult circumstances to dictate whether or not we chose to help people. In a time of paralyzing uncertainty, God still whispered “trust me” and by trusting Him, we learned this week that while...

Giving Tuesday

Dear The Walk friends and families, Your donations over the last several months have gone towards bringing hope to our community in so many ways. Your gifts brought smiles to the faces of 216 teenagers as chocolate bunnies were tossed to them in their front yards from our car. Your gifts provided 200 bags of food for families in our community. Your gifts went to maintenance and renovations of Building 229 that is so ready to be filled with the laughter of students again. And with each...

The Walk Youth Group postponement

After much thought and consideration we’ve decided that the Walk Youth group will postpone all youth activities for a couple of weeks. Our first intention is always to be there for you, your families, and your teenagers so know this was not an easy decision. We had hoped that would we would be able to have youth in this time to remind kids they are loved and give them a sense of God’s peace in a time of uncertainty. But in these unprecedented circumstances, we respect the decisions of...

10th Annual D-Now Weekend (January 17th-19th) @ Building 229

10th Annual D-Now Weekend When: January 17th-19th (MLK Weekend) Costs: $50 (1NeedNow, Inc.) Whose invited: Grades 6th-12th Where: Building 229 (Lock-in) – 229 Clark Road Programming: 1st Baptist Church in Thomasville (Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night) Grades 6th-12th The Walk Youth Group 1NeedNow, Inc oneneednow.com